Why do some people love their job while others hate the same job?

... One reason is that not everyone perceives their environment the same way.

People are differently sensitive to all kinds of stimulation in their environment such as: the brightness lights, room temperature, noise levels, time durations and so forth. For example, you might like to hear music quite loud while your friend may prefer it to be quieter. 

People also vary in their sensitivity to stressful situations and the pressures that occurs in different job situations.  

A job as a fire fighter will present diifferent types of stimulation and preasures in comparison with a job as computer programmer or marketing manager. 

Everyone has a desired level of stimulation and performs best, at or near, their desired level of stimulation.

Some individuals do best working under preassure while others don't .  Since different jobs will  have differing levels of environmental stimulation, and there is a range in the way individuals perceive and respond to such stimulation, certain types of people will be a better fits for certain types of jobs.   People will be most happy and perfrom best in positions that provide a level of stimulation that us near their desired level.

We have created a questionnaire that measures one's sensitivity to environmental stimulation.

Over 20,000 people have completed the questionnaire on-line. We have also asked them what they do for a living, if they like their job and whether they are happy. Through this information we have developed a model that suggests what kind of jobs might be a good for fit individuals with specific levels of stimulus sensitivity. 


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